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Faraday Predictive Launch combined Condition Monitoring and Energy Monitoring systems

29 October 2018

Do you want to be able to predict the need for maintenance up to 3 months in advance? Do you want to know how much energy you could save by good maintenance? Do you want to know how much your equipment is costing to run? You can answer all of these three questions with one piece of kit from Faraday Predictive Ltd.

Faraday Predictive may be a new name at Maintec this year, but they bring more than a decade’s worth of experience in Condition Monitoring of rotating equipment, saving their customers money and avoiding unexpected downtime using Model-Based Voltage and Current (MBVI) technology.  At Maintec they will be showing two new products – a portable equipment health assessor, and a permanently installed continuous on-line monitoring system.

The P100 series Equipment Health Assessor and Energy Monitor is a portable device that gives you a snap-shot assessment of your equipment health including mechanical, electrical and operational aspects, using a Model-Based Voltage and Current (MBVI) technique.

By simply measuring the voltage and current drawn by the motor driving your equipment it can identify a wide range of specific failure modes and assess the degree to which the equipment is suffering from these effects.

It also measures energy consumption and identifies a range of energy wasting parameters, allowing you to take action to reduce energy consumption.

Testing takes only a few minutes – at the end of which the device creates an automatic written and graphical report that can be edited to add any specific local details, and then emailed to whoever you choose.

The S200 permanently installed range provides all the above and more, giving you 24x7 monitoring of your equipment, and continually forecasting the need for maintenance work up to three months in advance.