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Slow Speed Bearing Inspection with Ultrasound

28 October 2019

Vibration analysis has long been the instrument of choice to use for bearings and other rotating equipment. More commonly, ultrasound is being used in conjunction with vibration analysis to help technicians confirm the condition of mechanical assets.

One scenario where ultrasound is particularly useful is to monitor the condition of slow speed bearings. These are, in many cases, critical assets who require extra attention. When slow speed bearings fail, it is quote common that unplanned outages and expensive repairs will be the consequence.

Inspection and monitoring slow speed bearings can be challenging, but by using ultrasound technology, it is easier than you might think.

In extreme slow speed bearing applications (usually less than 25rpm), the bearing will produce little to no ultrasonic noise. In that case, it is important to not only listen to the sound of the bearing, but more importantly to analyse the recorded ultrasound sound file in a spectrum analysis software, focusing on the time wave form to see if there are any anomalies present.  If “crackling” or “popping” sounds are present, then there is some indication of a deformity occurring.

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