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12 December 2019

Safety Unlimited offers a choice of storage options – two of the most popular being the Relocatable Safety Store and the Multi Purpose Storage Unit.

The durable RSS gives One Hour Fire Rating to BS476 with explosion defences covering even the lights and switches and it is designed for highly flammable liquids, petroleum mixtures, pesticides and other hazardous materials. There is a comprehensive range of eight sizes minimum 2.635m high by 1.372 deep. The exterior wall panels and roof are manufactured of plastic coated sheet steel for superior performance, colour stability and resistance to degradation. In turn, the walls, doors and roof are insulated with 75mm Rockwall Firebatt.

The base of the unit is fully welded and acts as a vital leakproof sump covering the entire floor area. As standard the Store is fitted with high and low flame arrested ventilation and galvanised grid flooring as well as a secure Yale lock with internal override. Optional extras include heating, extraction, sprinkler , fire detection and temperature control. You can simply move the unit wherever and whenever needed.

The MPSU is virtually a small warehouse with a walk-in format designed to house 205 litre drums and 1000 litre IBCs and is manufactured from 2mm mild steel over 100 x 50 x 3mm RHS. There are two models available at 3.3m high by 3.0 deep with both offering compartmentalised sumps for segregation of potential spillages and separate shelving. The basic differences are two level storage for 16 x 205 litre drums or 4 x IBCs in one end on support beam bearers – alternatively storage for 32 x 205 litre drums or 8 x IBCs on each end on bearers, plus forklift access. This version can have galvanised grid shelving as an option. Both models include padlockable sliding doors and there are four standard colours available.

Other Bulk Storage variations for Hazardous Liquids are External Petroleum , Economy Galvanised and General Purpose Stores as well as the Dual Purpose Storage  Unit. As with all Safety Unlimited products, their bespoke service can be applied to meet your exact requirements and the company is certified to ISO 9001for Quality Management.