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Work Smarter With AgilityConnect

13 December 2019

​Asset management specialists, SSG Insight have launched AgilityConnect; the bridge that links their CMMS, AgilityCore to other systems. It creates a simple exchange of data, automatically triggering actions and providing valuable insights into your workflow.

AgilityConnect is already helping customers reduce downtime, save money and work smarter. 

SSG Insight, a world-class team of workflow and asset management systems experts, has launched a new enhancement for their industry-leading CMMS AgilityCore.

AgilityConnect: the data bridge that links AgilityCore to other software.

AgilityConnect is a bridge that allows easy integration of AgilityCore into your existing business systems. This enables AgilityCore to seamlessly become an integral part of your automated workflow process to share data with the rest of the world.

AgilityConnect translates the information requests between AgilityCore and your existing systems across a single data bridge. This means SSG no longer have the need for bespoke or single-use interface development to allow individual systems to speak with each other. AgilityConnect creates a seamless bi-directional data flow which can grow to incorporate future integrations as required. With AgilityConnect, companies can connect to AgilityCore to analyse real data - fast, meaning workflow management runs more smoothly and effectively than ever, exchanging quality, consistent data without limitations.

Jon Moody, Chief Executive Officer (EMEA & Tech) says “AgilityConnect gives our clients high-speed integration coupled with a consistently accurate data flow across existing business systems”.

The AgilityConnect enhancement is helping organisations make AgilityCore a central part of their overall business system.


> High-speed integration

> Consistent, accurate data

> Fast & efficient deployment

> Enables future system growth

> Bi-directional data flow

> Eradicates manual process

To find out how the Agility suite can help your business work smarter get in touch with SSG Insight today > www.ssginsight.com