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GSM Graphic Arts Ltd

GSM Graphic Arts is the UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial labels, nameplates and product fascias.

We offer a comprehensive range of bespoke product labelling solutions, from vinyl labels to anodised aluminium and etched stainless steel nameplates, domed logo badges to graphic overlays and control panels. A complete one-stop service with experience gained from over 40 years in manufacturing.

Whether you require rugged barcode labels, serial & rating plates, graphic overlays or 3D product logo badges then GSM Graphic Arts can offer the perfect solution for your labelling project. Our experienced Sales Team will listen to your requirements and ensure that we offer a product specification and process which is best suited to your particular application.

GSM can also provide an inhouse artwork and design service which will ensure that not only do your labels contain the required information but they look great on your product. With our high resolution digital printing capability we can reproduce full colour logos as well as unique data either undersuface printed on plastic or anodised into aluminium.

Call us on 01845 522184 to find out more or visit our website www.gsmgraphicarts.co.uk to discover the benefits that GSM Graphic Arts can offer for your product labelling projects.


Rugged Barcode Labels

GSM Graphic Arts has utilised our digital printing and label manufacturing experience to produce a range of Rugged Barcode labels suitable for the harshest of environments.

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Graphic Overlays

GSM Graphic Arts can manufacture all your fascia, graphic overlay and control panel requirements. Our dedicated studio will work with you to ensure your design incorporates all the graphics you require whilst also staying technically functional and operational.

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Serial Number & Rating Plates

GSM Graphic Arts offers serial number and rating plates in a range of materials and finished to meet your particular requirements, suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

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Logo Badges

GSM Graphic Arts has the capability to supply you with a choice of Product Logo Badge solutions which will compliment your high quality products.

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