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The Art and Science of Graphic Overlay Design

29 January 2024

Graphic overlays are an essential user-interface connecting users to devices in an efficient, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing way. They must be robust, attractive, and functional, with a design that provides professional protection for a variety of applications. The prime function of graphic overlays is information conveyance, an overlay communicates invaluable information about the associated device's usage to the user, and with the right design, they will convey even more information.

Alongside their primary function, graphic overlays also serve as the "face" of your product, enhancing its look and feel to provide a high visual impact providing a subtle reminder of the application's manufacturer, developing trust between them and the brand with repeated, successful use.

Whilst the design and materials are the most prominent features of our graphic overlays, there are a number of additional features that our design team takes into consideration to ensure the most effective product, these include embossed switches, display windows and selective finishes.

When it comes to creating an effective and durable graphic overlay, selecting the right materials is pivotal. At GSM Graphic Arts, we understand the significance of material properties and how they shape the efficiency and longevity of graphic overlays, especially in specific environments.

GSM works with an application-orientated approach, and our expert team will pick the best printing process to suit the unique requirements of each application, ensuring long-lasting, durable results for the overlays you need. Our team of graphic overlay manufacturers at GSM Graphic Arts has decades of experience and versatility to deliver tailored solutions that are crafted for seamless integration and performance in any work environment.

Come and meet us on stand N215 at Southern Manufacturing 2024 to discuss the benefits that GSM offers for your product label and graphic overlay requirements.