Rugged Barcode Labels

04 January 2016

GSM Graphic Arts has utilised our digital printing and label manufacturing experience to produce a range of Rugged Barcode labels suitable for the harshest of environments.

These can be reproduced with unique identification including a linear barcode which links back to a database, a 2D datamatrix code containing the information within or even a QR code linking to a website or even a product handbook.  We can also incorporate full colour logos and text detail if required to provide the complete label solution.

GSM can manufacture Rugged Barcode Labels using a number of metal and plastic substrates depending on the particular application. These include:-

Anodised aluminium barcode labels with the barcode is printed into the surface of the aluminium. This is particularly suitable for Military, Asset Management applications as the printed detail is hard wearing and scratch resistant.

Polycarbonate barcode labels with the barcode printed on the reverse side and viewed through the clear material. Ideal for Marketing, Warehousing / Logistics and Medical applications.

Etched Stainless Steel with the barcode etched through the material. This has been tested for high temperature applications where temperatures could exceed 800’C  suitable for Oil & Gas and Offshore applications.

Polyester with the barcode thermal transfer printed and the labels supplied on a roll. This is an economical way of producing high volume labels used for low risk applications such as Electronics & Packaging.

Our Rugged Barcode labels can be supplied with a self-adhesive backing selected to suit the finish onto which the label will be fixed. Alternatively GSM can produce the labels with holes for a mechanical fixing.

Whatever your Rugged Barcode label requirement, GSM is likely to have a solution that meets your specification and is suitable for the application. Visit our website at for further information on GSM’s range of Rugged Barcode labels.