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New range of oil discriminating pump control units

25 January 2013

Wherever and whenever it is possible that oil may leak into collected rainwater, Darcy has the safe and proven solution.

Darcy now offer a complete range of discriminating pump systems and control units that will safely remove collected rainwater whilst preventing any oil that may be present also being removed.  All these systems are based on proven technology that has been successfully used for over 20 years, in industries such as Power Generation, Electricity Distribution, Oil Containment, Transport and various other areas of manufacturing.

Darcy's range of discriminating pumps and control units are an efficient and effective method of maintaining bund capacity through the automated removal of rainwater from the bund.

Discriminating pumps assist companies in meeting environmental regulations including ISO 14001, PPG8: Safe Storage and disposal of used oils, PPG2: Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks and the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1999. They also assist the provision of a safe and dry working environment for site maintenance staff and is a positive action for protecting the environment which will contribute to receiving and maintaining ISO 14001 accreditation (showing best environmental practice).

The application of discriminating pumps will significantly reduce waste management costs and provide a quick return on investment and will warn of any risk of a potential pollution incident.

The range of discriminating pump control units comprise:

• Oil Float Switch Discriminating Unit - enables a standard submersible pump to discriminate between oil and water, in order to determine and control what liquid is actually pumped.

• Oil Probe Discriminating Unit - discriminates between a conductive and non-conductive liquid, such as oil and water, in order to determine and control what liquid is actually pumped.

All our control units listed above are designed to be used with a standard submersible pump, which we also supply.

As well as discriminating control units Darcy also manufacture quick install bund water control units for the automated removal of water from bunds including the Atex Approved bund water control unit for use in hazardous zone 1 and 2

For any company that stores oils on site where there is a possibility that they may be spilt and run off into the drains Darcy provide free advice on which Darcy product is right for that specific application.

Darcy Spillcare Manufacture, established in 1935, is the UK's largest manufacturer of absorbents.  At the launch of their range of Oil discriminating pump control units Darcy's managing director, Richard Proctor, commented:  "Our unique range of bund dewatering systems is a testament to our dedication to reducing our customers' waste management costs with products that provide an excellent return on investment"

For more information please contact Darcy Spillcare Manufacture on 01732 843131 or visit www.darcy.co.uk