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Introduction to overhead lifting

27 September 2013

The LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) is launching a one-day training course designed to offer staff with little or no technical expertise an introduction to the overhead lifting sector.


Led by the LEEA’s team of specialist trainers, the Lifing Equipment Familiarisation Seminar will provide attendees with an overview of commonly used lifting equipment and accessories, and an outline of relevant UK legislation and regulations. 


Open to all employees of LEEA member companies, the course is well suited to staff working in administrative roles who would benefit from a better understanding of the products and services they deal with. For the more technically oriented, the course may also serve as the first step towards a long-term career in the test, examination and maintenance of overhead lifting equipment, via the LEEA’s industry-recognised Diploma training and qualification programme. 


The new Lifting Equipment Familiarisation Seminar can be held at the LEEA’s purpose-designed training centre in Huntingdon, or any suitable premises worldwide. Full details of the new course will be available at the LEEA’s dedicated trade show, LiftEx 2013 (USN Bolton Arena – November 14th/15th).