Speed monitor family

07 October 2013

In addition to high input frequency from as low as one pulse per minute to 60,000 pulses/min and configurable functions, ifm electronic's latest speed monitors include an operating temperature range to -40°C and a newly developed luminous OLED display that is not only clearer but brighter.


Several versions are on offer: DD2503 and DD2603 monitor the rotational speed of one channel with two separately adjustable limit values. A separate switched output is assigned to each limit value, and an analogue signal is provided for further processing or display. DD2505 and DD2605 monitor two separate input channels, each having one switch point. DD2603 and DD2605 can also check that the sensor cabling is intact (when used with the recommended sensors). DR2503 and DR2505 will check that a piece of machinery, such as a hoist or a pump, is rotating in the desired direction.

Additionally, the DS series monitors slip or synchronous running. The DS2503 and DS2603 will check for slip between two sides of a drive system by looking for a relative pulse difference per rotation.  Other devices in the DS range, the DS2505, DS2506 and DS2605 monitor for absolute pulse differences, so will ensure for example the synchronous operation of two spindles on a lifting platform, or that a gantry crane doesn’t become wedged by moving too fast on one side.