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Education package for FLIR E6 and E60 cameras

23 April 2014

Schools and training centres can now purchase FLIR E6 and E60 thermal imaging cameras with a 50% discount.

Tomorrow’s electricians, maintenance specialists and building inspectors need access to the most modern equipment during their training. To make sure that as many schools and training centres as possible are using thermal imaging cameras in their educational programs FLIR Systems is now offering the FLIR E6 and E60 at a 50% discount - valid from April 1st, 2014 until December 31st, 2014.

The FLIR E6 and E60 thermal imaging cameras are widely used for inspecting electrical and mechanical installations. Problem areas become clearly visible on a thermal image. They are also commonly used for detecting a wide range of building related problems.

The FLIR E6 is an affordable, easy to use thermal imaging camera for quick equipment scans and safety checks. The E6 has a super bright 3” colour LCD which shows the whole in scene in great detail and provides quick button access to measurement, parameter and imaging tools. The E6 camera is very rugged and will withstand a 2 meter drop. 

The FLIR E60 thermal imaging camera offers busy electricians, plant maintenance engineers or facilities technicians a powerful, flexible and feature rich thermal imaging solution. The E60 is equipped with Meterlink™ and Bluetooth® connections that allow doing inspections fast and accurately. Connecting thermal imaging cameras with other devices or measurement tools allows for easy information exchange with customers or colleagues.

The FLIR E6 camera is available at £998*.

The FLIR E60 camera is available at £2,998*.

* 50% of MSRP price, excl. VAT