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Leading Supplier of service and repair solutions ...

17 June 2014

Building and Construction Review UK is proud to dedicate the highly prestigious and industry acclaimed Commitment to Excellence profile to BID Group Ltd.

BID Group Ltd was established in 1985 by John Thompson, now Managing Director. In the 1980s, the company was formally known as Bolton Industrial Doors with a core business of maintenance and repair of all types of industrial doors.

In 1987, Michael Calderbank, Director, joined BID Group. The company continued to expand, grow and change premises several times to larger sites until finally settling at the current purpose built site in Westhoughton, Bolton.

The company currently has sites in Bolton, Stoke on Trent, Leicester and Wishaw and employs approximately 100 staff.

BID Group consists of a number of specialist trading divisions: • Bolton Industrial Doors – Manufactures, installs, repairs and services all types of industrial doors and dock levellers.

• Klimate High Speed Doors – Is one of the UK’s leading high speed door manufacturers and with over 25 years’ experience in maintaining high speed door products, is now recognised as a UK leading specialist in maintaining all makes of high speed doors.

• Lycetts Industrial Doors – Established for over 50 years in the Stoke-on-Trent area, Lycetts Industrial Doors was taken over by BID Group Ltd in 2000. Lycetts Industrial Doors continues to manufacture, install, repair and service all types of industrial doors and dock levellers.

• Lowland Doors – A supplier of industrial doors, gate & barriers based in Wishaw, near Glasgow, Lowland Doors was acquired by BID Group in 2012.

• Perimeter Security Maintenance – Specialists in the service, repair, maintenance and installation of vehicle traffic barriers, automated swing and sliding gates, turnstiles, bollards and associated access control systems, Perimeter Security Maintenance became part of the BID Group in 2012.

Industrial door checks
Servicing of industrial doors, gates, loading bay equipment and other goods in and out associated equipment is seen by leading industrial door companies, such as BID Group, to be the most beneficial and cost effective measure of ensuring continually safe and reliable operation. While most companies view the maintenance of machinery on their production lines as vital, many overlook the maintenance of their industrial doors, failing to appreciate that the production line could come to a standstill if a goods-in or goods-out door were jam shut for example, resulting in costly down time and lost production.