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Quirepace AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles

27 June 2014

Automated Guided Vehicle Solutions for Industrial and Healthcare applications.

Automated Guided Vehicles are helping companies become  more productive at lower operating costs through safe and  efficient material transfer and handling. The advanced FROG technology incorporated in the systems enables them to handle  virtually any type of load within production, warehousing, distribution  and packing environments both indoors and out.
The Benefits  
Huge savings can be achieved by having things where they are needed at the right time. AGV’s can make pick-ups or drops at scheduled times or on demand 24/7. They increase efficiency and offer a fast return on investment.

The Technology  
FROG technology is the result of many years experience. It is at the cutting edge of automated systems providing a very high degree of operational flexibility and functionality. Use the link on the website (below) to see how the system works.

Applications & Products    
You can see the systems operating in some of Europe’s major industries and find out about a product that could increase the productivity in your company.
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