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Waterproof dispenser is a winner

05 September 2014

A participant in the Volvo Ocean Race, SCA understands the tough conditions to which competitiors and their kit are exposed. While toilet paper may be a fairly basic product, it needs to be protected from seawater, prompting SCA to challenge industrial design students all over the world to develop a solution.


The deadline for entries was January 1st 2014 and after an extensive review process the winning team has been selected. The winning contribution, developed by five students at ENSAM University in Paris, is a waterproof dispenser with a choice of two different attachment solutions: a suction pad or a hook. The dispenser is made from a soft, lightweight and impact-resistant material that keeps the toilet paper free from humidity through the use of silica gel. The winning entry has been reviewed by the global SCA dispenser team and developed into a prototype that will be further evaluated. 

"Thinking about the extreme environment on board – and aside from the challenge of developing an easy-to-use dispenser that is completely waterproof – we thought portability would be an important feature,” said Inés Ballano Vicente from the winning team. "That’s why we developed the two different attachment solutions.”