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Increased demand for analyser hire

01 February 2016

Ashtead Technology is reporting increased demand for hire of its XRF analyser, which Steve Drake, NDT market manager believes is one of the most important technologies in the company’s fleet of NDT and environmental testing instruments.

“With a small amount of training, almost anyone can implement detailed inspections in a wide variety of applications, and with most instruments being lightweight and robust, XRF analysers are among the most popular rental items,” he says. “We have therefore invested in a selection of the leading XRF equipment so that customers are able to choose the instrument and mode that suits their application best.”

XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) analysers enable the chemical, non-destructive analysis of metals and alloys in a wide variety of materials. A simple point-and-shoot method means that even relatively inexperienced users can analyse metals content quickly and easily, following the requisite introductory course.

Typical applications for XRF include Positive Material Identification (PMI), recycling of waste metal and compliance with the WEEE and RoHS Directives, quality control in manufacturing, and environmental applications such as contaminated land investigation.