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Helical geared motor released

21 April 2016

ABM Greiffenberger expands product program with single stage helical gearboxes and a new medium line of motors.

The new ABM Greiffenberger single stage helical geared motors excel with outstanding energy efficiency, are maintenance free and designed for long life. Additionally, the drive technology specialist complements his well know premium line of motors with a new medium series with basic options and standard features that are well suited for applications such as pumps, air compressors and more.

Helical geared motors are the most commonly used industrial gear units. They increase the motor torque and reduce the speed meeting the needs of a specific application. Single stage gearboxes from ABM Greiffenberger provide many benefits.  High quality helical gearing assure quiet operation and long life. They are very efficient and save energy cost. 

The motor- and gearbox housings are made from aluminum and very light. This allows easy handling and installation without exertion. Aluminum is highly corrosion resistant and special painting for rust protection is not required. Thanks to variable mounting positions the compact but flexible drive systems is easily integrated into different design machine concepts. Another important feature is the extended bearing clearance increasing the maximum allowable radial forces and optimum performance. Single stage ABM geared motors are very robust and virtually maintenance free. They are available as medium and premium line.

ABM Greiffenberger offers its new medium line of motors with comprehensive standard features. In combination with gearboxes they will be supplied as 4-pole motors. The motor housing is aluminum die cast and especially solid. The medium line is fully enclosed and fan cooled – the fan is mounted directly on the motor shaft. The premium line offers more flexibility and options for temperature control. Depending on the application the motor can be engineered to operate without fan cooling or if the duty cycle is more severe an optional electric fan can be added. ABM offers the medium line as AC induction motors. 

Very different with the premium line; in addition to the 3-phase AC induction motor versions they are available in single phase execution or for use in textile machines or warehouse logistics systems as Sinochron motors. This line offers much higher flexibility with a comprehensive list of available options. The motor housing for two, four, six or even eight pole motors is an extruded aluminum design thus allowing easily to realize different motor outputs and variable housing lengths.

Per customer request ABM offers the premium line with a holding or working brake. The premium line motors offer flexible connection technology, e.g. power cable with connector or junction box integrated connectors. Depending on available space of an application either one can be selected. Even an option for hazardous location use is available and also encoders can be easily mounted. The output from both motor lines in combination with gearboxes range from 0.18 to 11 kW, the output torque of the single stage gearboxes covers a range from 40 to 350 Nm.