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Operator comfort is key with Chicago Pneumatic die grinders

20 February 2017

Chicago Pneumatic listens to the voice of its customers to ensure that tools are improved upon when new models are bought to market.

Using the impressive test facilities in their laboratories they ensure that tools are checked and validated by an experienced engineer’s validation team. Depending on the complexity of the new design they can test the tool at each stage of its development.

Take the CP3000-325R – 25,000 rpm Straight Die Grinder with its compact and composite handle making it lightweight at only 0.4 kgs and just 150mm in length. This ergonomic design has a rear exhaust and streamlined safety lever and is Industrial grade with high durability. And provides up to 1000 hours between maintenance intervals. Then there is the CP3019-31ES, 31,000 rpm a slim and compact tool with extended shafts with 3 bearings to maintain spindle adjustment and assists in reducing vibration to the operator.

These tools offer optimal productivity and are ideal for high precision work and make light work of: Die contouring, deburring, weld cleaning and finishing

Chicago Pneumatics’ pride in its people and core values such as its clear and proven strategy of using only authorised distributors as a route to market has ensured that the end user only receives the latest best in class tools backed up by technology training, air solution expertise, superior quality & ergonomics, and efficient customer support.

In conclusion Chicago, Pneumatic offers a large range of tools that along with its constant product development and ISO certified quality testing provides enhanced performance and durability, readily available from stock and supported with a competitive price structure.