Peristaltic Industrial Hose and Tube pumps

21 February 2017

Verderflex® Industrial peristaltic pumps are extremely robust pumps, ideal for heavy duty operations on intermittent or continuous duty cycles. They are a simple to use, easy to control, versatile and reliable way to pump liquids.

A. Verderflex Rapide

The Verderflex Rapide are an Industrial range of tube pumps that provide a balanced selection of simple to operate peristaltic pumps. The family offers the customer pump choices that are compact and requires no tools during the tube change. 

Popular Applications

  • Chemical processing - Activated Carbon
  • Paper and pulp processing - Bleaching Agents
  • Printing and packaging - Ink
  • Reagent dosing – Flocculants
  • Water treatment - Reagents

B. Verderflex Rollit Peristaltic Hose Pumps

Lubricant-free peristaltic hose pumps

The Verderflex ROLLIT is a new series of peristaltic roller hose pump, completing the Verderflex range of hose and tube pumps. Verderflex ROLLIT pumps are lubricant-free peristaltic hose pumps that are easy to maintain and available in a standard (single) and twin-head version.

Popular Applications

  • Ceramics industry - Slip
  • Chemical manufacturing - Reagents
  • Food and beverage processing - Fruit pulps and syrups
  • Laminates, Paint & Lacquer production - Resins
  • Personal care - Creams and Shampoos
  • Pharmaceutical Industry - Broths and Suspensions
  • Plastics industry - Slurries
  • Printing – Inks
  • Water & wastewater treatment - Flocculants

C. Verderflex Dura

The Verderflex Dura is the first real advance in hose pump technology since the high pressure hose, combining the compactness of a close coupled pump with all the benefits of the traditional long coupled pump.

Popular Applications

  • Brewing - Diatomaceous Earth, Yeast
  • Chemical processing - Reagents
  • Mining - Flocculants (SIBX)
  • Power generation - Fly ash slurry
  • Water and wastewater – Hypochlorite

D. Verderflex VF Hose Pump

The Verderflex® VF range of industrial hose pumps are a proven, heavy duty

family of peristaltic pumping solutions. These pumps reduce downtime, minimise

maintenance costs and provide easy to operate and reliable solutions in difficult pumping situations.

Popular Applications

  • Anaerobic digestion & biogas - Food waste
  • Brewing - Yeast
  • Chemical processing - Reagents and additives
  • Food - Waste sludge
  • Mining - Thickened Slurry
  • Water and wastewater - Lime, Sludge