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Welding and cutting products on show

02 August 2017

ESAB Welding & Cutting will have high-technology products and systems on its stand (10F04 in Hall 10) at Schweissen & Schneiden, which takes place in Messe Essen, Germany from 25-29 September.

Many of these will be demonstrated live and staff will be on hand to explain the technologies.

Welding Automation

ESAB will have live demonstrations with its new Excellerator Pre-Engineered Robotic Cell, which will show various MAG welding processes, as well as featuring ESAB’s Swift Arc Transfer (SAT™) high productivity welding process.

ESAB will also have live demonstrations of the Gantrac 300 gantry-based welding system with ICE submerged arc welding (SAW) and Aristo 1000AC/DC power sources with Marathon Pacs of wire and BlockPacs of flux. Demonstrations will be done both with automated spiral cladding and welding both in narrow and normal V-joints.

Further live demonstration will include high deposition cladding with 60mm stainless steel strip.

ESAB will also display a number of different welding tractors, welding heads and accessories for automated welding

Automated Cutting Systems

A major focus of the ESAB stand will be automated bevel cutting; there will be live demonstrations of both the NEW DMX Automated Plasma Beveller and the three-torch Global Oxy-Fuel IR-VBA.  Both systems are installed on ESAB’s new Suprarex HDX heavy-duty large gantry cutting machine, which will also be equipped with ESAB’s iSeries plasma system. 

The new DMX Automated Plasma Beveller is a reliable, easy-to-use, compact bevel system designed for safe, high-quality plasma bevel cutting. DMX offers enhanced reliability and Advanced Collision Sensing that easily detects and absorbs a torch crash, then automatically resets without touching the torch.  This non-breakaway system enhances operator safety by eliminating dangerous operator tasks. The compact DMX design can be mounted on smaller gantries, making bevel cutting more affordable and saving valuable floor space. DMX also includes SmartBevel Technology to simplify bevel programming and deliver consistent, accurate results.

The three-torch Global Oxy-Fuel IR-VBA is suitable for complex beveling on thicker mild steel plate. The infinite rotating system features programmable bevel angles and offsets which can change on-the-fly in order to cut variable bevels, or automatically change bevel geometry during a program. This design offers high productivity for customers cutting complex bevels on mild steel up to 75mm thick.

The iSeries is an advanced power supply, providing exceptional cost-performance benefits and with customers having the option to upgrade the unit as their requirements grow and they need more cutting power. Also incorporated within iSeries systems, the Water Mist Secondary (WMS) process, produces superior cut quality and a lower cost-per-cut on non-ferrous materials. 

Data and productivity

Secure, robust, flexible, scalable and future-proof, the recently introduced ESAB WeldCloud online data management platform can be used in conjunction with a number of ESAB’s high-end welding systems. Similarly, CutCloud is a webserver application with the ability to combine Columbus CAD/CAM nesting data and DataLeap production data. Both provide users with the ability to streamline processes and enhance productivity and quality.

Filler metals and fluxes

Other displays on ESAB’s stand will show the company’s extensive range of filler metals and fluxes that can be used with the automated welding systems mentioned above. There will also be PPE, manual welding and cutting machines, and gas cutting and welding products.