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Aluminium support trays for energy chains in corrosive environments

21 September 2017

When energy chains operate in 'unsupported' mode, support trays enable the lower run of the chain to roll smoothly and securely. In addition to galvanised steel and stainless steel trays, igus now offers a lightweight option made of anodised aluminium for use in corrosive environments.

The structure of the aluminium support tray consists of two side plates, each equipped with a damping profile and a sliding bar; this guarantees extremely quiet and low-wear running of the energy chain. The e-chain can be connected quickly and easily by using the plastic fixed end modules - no drilling of the aluminium tray required. 

In the standard version, the side plates measure 2m in length with a support distance of 1m. The open design prevents any debris from sticking and disrupting the chain’s operation. Optionally, however, a floor can also be integrated. 

Due to its modular design, the system can be adapted easily to fit almost all standard sizes of igus e-chains. The width can be adjusted with only a few steps at the clamping shoe using the supplied mounting kit with C-profiles. The aluminium support tray together with matching e-chain and (harnessed) cables are available to order as a complete system, ready for immediate installation and use.