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Cable carrier for small spaces

29 September 2017

The TKK series is a new cable carrier for small installation spaces from Kabelschlepp Metool.

TKK39 is self-cleaning and extremely solid while remaining light and compact with an installation height of only 142mm. It is said to deliver particularly high torsional rigidity and supports long unsupported travel of up to 5 m.

The energy chain can be used when both self-supported and gliding. It supports speeds of up to 3 m/s and accelerations of 9 m/s2. Short steel connecting elements allow for and easy installation - they are directly bolted onto the console or support. The chain links are made entirely of plastic with hybrid chains with aluminum stays and steel chains offered as an alternative to this particular weight-optimized version.

“Our new TKK series was specifically designed for use in lifting devices, areal lifts and platforms”, explains Werner Eul, Product Manager Cable Carrier Systems at KABELSCHLEPP. “Due to the compact arrangement of the telescopic boom, large extension lengths are possible and the high torsional rigidity provides a straight extension.” These properties have a positive effect in other application areas: For example, in agricultural, municipal and construction machinery, in drilling or in the cement industry. “In general, the TKK39 proves itself, wherever harsh environmental conditions meet limited design space, and good lateral stability and torsional rigidity are required,” said Werner Eul.

In lifting devices, energy chains in an external arrangement are exposed to the weather conditions and, depending on the application, can be affected by dirt or falling objects. To ensure smooth operation despite these difficult conditions, the drag chains of the TKK series are equipped with a dust, dirt and chip-proof stroke system as standard. The dirt simply runs off the very smooth surface. Also the energy chain is self-cleaning in movable applications: Specially installed bevels break up the dirt so that it can then be discharged - damage by compacting or caking is therefore avoided.

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