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Lightweight and flexible build-up system

09 January 2018

HBM's BU18 build-up system has been developed to measure or calibrate large compressive forces as a smaller, less expensive alternative to many direct loading machines.

Featuring an accuracy class of 00 per ISO376, the BU18 offers precise calibrations, even for mobile purposes. Suitable for a variety of applications, it can also be used to check material testing machines or force transducers with high precision on-site. 

Modular design offers users practical advantages for system assembly. All system components can be removed individually and are clearly marked for ease of assembly. Moreover, HBM says the BU18 is significantly lighter than any other comparable 3MN force transducer in its class. The built-in system can be fitted easily and removed by one person, offering valuable time saving properties.

The BU18 is suitable for use in a wide range of equipment such as test benches. In addition, the three 1MN force transducers can be used independently as stand-alone reference force transducers.

HBM build-up systems have been successfully used in many prestigious research projects over the world with the objective of deducing behaviour of systems connected in parallel with the help of the results obtained in individual calibration.