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Bakers Basco boosts GPS trackers usage across equipment pool by 50%

26 July 2023

BAKERS BASCO has boosted the use of GPS tracking devices by 50% as part of an ongoing effort to increase efficiencies across its operations and investigations.

At a weight of approximately 140g, the custom-made GPS trackers designed by Lightbug are as small as the size of a deck of cards but boast an increased battery life of up to 15 years, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, remote controlled alarms for equipment tracking alerts and NFC capabilities.

Since first introducing GPS technology into its equipment in 2015, the technology has been through a number of significant upgrades and enhancements, with Bakers Basco significantly upping investment as it has proven to significantly reduce losses and improve recovery levels by its national investigations team to find and reclaim missing equipment.

The trackers are also being used by Bakers Basco to identify the turn rate for each channel in the business establishing the time it takes for equipment to return from the bakeries customer base, allowing teams to identify which channels and locations have potential bottlenecks and backlogs of equipment.

GPS tracking technology continues to play a key role in a number of successful court cases securing judgement in Bakers Basco’s favour and were involved in 22% of charges made during the last financial year.

"Our investment in GPS tracking technology will only grow further as we continue to explore the potential of how this technology can help with our recovery efforts," says Stacey Brown, national investigations manager at Bakers Basco. "We’re also seeing benefits on the operations side of the business as it enables us to better track backlogs and bottlenecks and work more efficiently."