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Boosting reliability for a major petrochemical firm

20 November 2023

BURCKHARDT COMPRESSION'S expertise and know-how, along with its transparent assessment of the condition of compressors and auxiliaries, played a crucial role in the major turnaround of two LDPE compressors for petrochemical company.

The successful completion of the project on time and within budget, along with the extended lifetime of the equipment, underscores the importance of Burckhardt Compression's dynamic project management and expertise in the petrochemical manufacturing industry. 

A major petrochemical company has been meeting the demand for its products for nearly 60 years, specialising in polymers such as ethylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and polypropylene. These polymers are essential components for many industries worldwide, as they are used in the production of a wide range of products, including packaging, construction materials, automotive components, and textiles. 

Overcoming project challenges

To meet high market demand, the factory relies on robust plant and equipment for flawless production. Although the two low-density polyethylene (LDPE) compressors - a booster/primary and a hyper, critical to the production process required scheduled maintenance, they only needed minor repairs. Additionally, the auxiliary equipment was also part of the factory's major turnaround, which required special care to ensure optimum performance. 

Burckhardt Compression's specialist team attended the site and worked with the customer's on-site engineering team to collect site data and provide insight into the condition of the compressor system for necessary repairs and major turnaround. 

The customer faced several project challenges, including the need for OEM expertise to ensure the project was completed professionally and on time due to the compressed timeline for the overhaul. Additionally, there was a requirement for a single-source supplier to coordinate and execute all compressor-related work on the auxiliary equipment like motor and gas piping. 

Burckhardt Compression provided comprehensive support and management for the customer's project. This included overhauling a lubrication unit, cleaning and flushing of the auxiliary and gas piping, as well as inspecting and overhauling the compressors to ensure they were fully operational. Burckhardt Compression also coordinated with the motor OEM to assess its condition and source the necessary spare parts. 

Extending the lifetime of plant equipment

To adhere to a strict timeline, field service representatives from Burckhardt Compression worked in shifts to carry out the required work including crank gear overhaul and con-rod bearing replacement. This was in addition to the other work managed by the on-site field service coordinator, who acted as a single point of contact for project management and oversaw the entire project. 

The major turnaround has resulted in an extended lifetime of the customer’s plant equipment and ensured safe compressor operation until the next scheduled maintenance. "Our organisation is extremely satisfied with the exceptional professional services provided by Burckhardt Compression," said a contracts specialist for the company.  

"The entire team provided an unwavering dedication to completing the project on time and within budget. The technical expertise of Burckhardt Compression is second to none, and we are grateful for the quality of work and successful completion of the project.” 


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