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Drum handling equipment Q&As

04 April 2019

With various types of drums being handled in the UK, the demand for equipment that can handle all drum types continues to grow. Contact Attachments has compiled a list of Q&As to help with the selection of its drum handling equipment.

Q. I need to move drums around my factory or store, what equipment do I need?

A. An entry-level drum grab is suitable for handling steel drums with rolling hoops and is used for low to medium movement around factories or stores. No manual handling of the drums is required which reduces the risk of injury, and it’s a simple, low-cost and effective attachment.

Q. What if the drums are packed tightly together?

A. The rim grip drum handler has steel jaws which grip the drum securely around the rim, allowing them to be picked up and set down without spaces between them.

Q. What if I need to pour the drums?

A. For this you’ll need a drum rotator. Contact Attachments offers a fork-mounted option, with a crank handle or loop chain operation connected to a high-quality gearbox, offering controlled and effortless pouring; or a crane slung drum rotator which has the added versatility of being able to be used with an overhead crane or forklift truck.

Q. What is ATEX certification?

A. ATEX requires drum handlers to be manufactured from stainless steel and be suitable for use in hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

Q. How experienced is Contact Attachments?

A. Drum handling equipment has been a core product line for Contact Attachments since the business launched in 1974. Its product range caters for much more than the standard 210 litre steel and L ring plastic drums.

Q. How do I get in touch for more information?

A. You can visit www.forklift-attachments.co.uk, email sales@forklift-attachments.co.uk or call 01686 238019 for further information on the range and service available.

Contact Attachments has been designing and manufacturing drum handling equipment for more than 40 years. Its experience of providing solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes means it is one of the industry’s leading providers.