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First of its kind Dry Ice Blaster

23 July 2021

A DRY ice blaster with integrated dry ice production directly from liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the first of its kind, according to Kärcher.

Producing dry ice within the machine means you can use the superb cleaning performance of dry ice blasting spontaneously at any time and without long preparations. This function makes it perfect for short-term machine and vehicle maintenance which was not previously a reality due to the usual time-consuming dry ice logistics, which are avoided with the IB 10/8 L2P Dry Ice Blaster.

Kärcher has partnered with Air Liquide in the UK, including its subsidiary, Energas, to provide the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) liquid offtake cylinders which work with a patented compressor unit within the device to produce the dry ice pellets for an unlimited time. This method eliminates the need for storage in refrigerated containers and any loss of dry ice through sublimation is prevented. It also requires very little compressed air during operation, making dry ice blasting attractive and economical for many target groups and applications.

Combining a strong cleaning performance with maximum protection of surfaces, with the dry ice method, you can thoroughly clean multiple materials including metals, plastics, woods, glass or textiles reaching into the tiniest corners. This innovative cleaning practice leaves no residues, such as spray or excess water, which can leave unwanted streaks because dry ice dissolves and returns to the atmosphere as CO2 resulting in an immaculate finish.

No additional chemicals or spray agents are required for operation of the IB 10/8 L2P as it uses only converted liquid CO2,making for environmentally friendly cleaning. 

Daniel Took, head of professional product marketing at Kärcher comments: “Our dry ice cleaner is part of a technical revolution. Kärcher is renowned for developing innovative solutions, which has made us the world market leaders in cleaning technology, but it’s the family-owned company at our roots that allows us to deliver not only outstanding products to our clients, but personalised service too. The Dry Ice Blaster IB 10/8 L2P ensures effective cleaning in shorter periods and with fewer resources than before.”

Samantha Hughes, marketing offer design manager at Air Liquide adds: “We are proud to have partnered with Kärcher in order to contribute to the delivery of such an industry-changing product. It is our aim to deliver innovative gas solutions and technologies to reduce environmental impact whilst improving efficiency and Kärcher's new Dry Ice Blaster does just that."