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Emergency preparedness pack launched for businesses

06 April 2020

Safety and compliance expert Bureau Veritas has released a new Emergency Preparedness Pack to help businesses respond rapidly to the growing risks of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The 15-page document has been created to help businesses identify and address the risk factors that coronavirus presents to their employees, business operations and service users.

Breaking down current government guidelines on the outbreak, the pack highlights immediate action that can be taken in each area. This ranges from implementing a 'social distancing' rota system, for industries that cannot adopt remote working, to identifying whether some service users are from vulnerable groups thus will need special arrangements.

The launch of the Emergency Preparedness Pack comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson brought in strict new measures to tackle the spread of coronavirus, urging people to stay at home wherever possible, and only leaving the house in very limited circumstances, including travelling to and from work only "where this is absolutely necessary".

Ken Smith, UK chief executive at Bureau Veritas UK, said: "We've created our Emergency Preparedness Pack to help businesses deal with the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is simply uncharted territory for societies facing widespread disruption. The pack details the most common risk factors and how these can be addressed through immediate and tangible action.

"With the situation and government guidance evolving on an almost daily basis, we are likely to see more and more sectors join leisure and retail in virtually overhauling their operations overnight. In such cases, it's pertinent to consider how to minimise risks to property assets by effectively shutting down equipment, managing business continuity plans and the occupational health of staff working from home.

"Understandably, with the public and businesses alike on high-alert as this pandemic continues to unfold, now is the time to consistently review, adapt and spearhead new ways of working. This will not only help to save lives but stand firms in good stead to resume 'business as usual' when the time comes."

According to Bureau Veritas, its new emergency recommendations also sets out how firms can manage and maintain compliance in current circumstances, particularly statutory compliance across their organisations in areas including electrical safety, certification, asbestos, indoor air and water quality, and fire safety.

To find out more about the Emergency Preparedness Pack visit:https://share.hsforms.com/4992274/29d2c16a-fd56-4ed0-a9cb-56e2984c9861.