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Jefferson Tools unveils just-can't live-without tool range for plumbers

26 June 2024

FROM SPANNERS and hacksaws to torches, Jefferson Tools has unveiled a range of just-can’t-do-without tools for the heating, plumbing and ventilation industry.

"Nothing's worse than turning up at a job and finding out you don't have the right tools. So, we decided to put together a range of essential tools that should be in every installer's toolbox, so they can focus on the job at hand," says Darren Binns, national sales manager at Jefferson Tools. "Our new lineup is precision-made to tackle a wide range of everyday tasks. Featuring adjustable wrenches, compact hacksaws, innovative gas torches, and much more, this is the go-to essential range for HVAC professionals."

Tool range for every need

As any plumber knows, staying equipped with the latest and most efficient tools is the key to staying ahead of the game. Jefferson Tools’ next-generation gas torches are at the top of the list. Indispensable for plumbers, they provide the heat needed for various tasks involved in installing, repairing, and maintaining pipework. Available in both standard and advanced models, these torches feature a versatile 360° swivel flame tube design and are compatible with Propane, Mapp, and Mapp/Pro gases.

Designed with built-in safety features like a brass tip and trigger lock, Jefferson Tools gas torches are a reliable tool every plumber needs.
Heating, plumbing, and ventilation fields often require working in restricted spaces where standard sized tools are just too cumbersome. Fortunately, Jefferson Tools can offer stubby combi spanners and compact, yet powerful, hacksaws. These tools offer full functionality in compact forms, crucial for reaching out to tight areas typical in behind-the-wall plumbing or ceiling-mounted HVAC systems.

A clean workspace is an essential but often overlooked aspect of professional work. The new 20L vacuum cleaner from Jefferson Tools is designed for efficient clean-up, ensuring that working areas are left pristine, which is especially important in sensitive environments like hospitals or food processing plants.

Let’s not forget about lighting, particularly for intricate tasks carried out by electricians and HVAC technicians in poorly lit conditions. Jefferson Tools’ new line of head and neck torches ensures that visibility is never an obstacle to work.

Adjustable pipe wrenches are ideal for a wide range of tasks. Use them for removing or replacing pipes, tightening fittings securely, and gripping and turning nuts and bolts easily. Within the Jefferson Tools pipe wrench range, the 12 to 48-inch models are all expertly crafted from heavy-duty aluminium, harnessing the material's exceptional strength-to-weight ratio for enhanced durability and manoeuvrability. Featuring serrated jaws, these wrenches ensure a secure grip on pipes of varying diameters.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. With over 20 years of experience and a state-of-the-art distribution centre in Northern Ireland, Jefferson Tools remains dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable tools. The company focuses on supporting the ‘bricks and mortar’ stockists that supply the backbone of the UK and Ireland’s construction, agricultural, automotive, and engineering sectors.

Visit jeffersontools.com for the full range of best deals on top-quality tools and equipment for heating, plumbing, and ventilation work.