New StopTite Industrial range

31 March 2022

THE NEW StopTite Industrial range has been launched to provide high-quality premium solutions for thousands of applications across industry. Products are available in colour-coded categories, and include threadlockers, retainers, pipe sealants, gasketing and adhesives for mechanical assemblies.

StopTite products offer outstanding mechanical properties with a temperature range of -50 to 200°C+. The threadlocker product helps to prevent the loosening of bolts, studs and screws, due to vibration and shock loads. It can also be used to permanently lock threaded components.

The Retainer products offer excellent resistance to shear and compression and can be used for the permanent fixture of bearings, shafts, splines and keys.
The ST27 Pipe Sealant product offers an instant low-pressure seal on tightened fittings up to 150psi.

The ST31 Muilty Gasket offers resistance to low pressures after the assembly of mating flange faces. Seal joints between metal faces and flanges. Ideal for motoring and industrial applications. 

The 007 and 006 high-strength adhesives have been designed to bond metal and composite applications, offering high-impact resistance while remaining quick and easy to use.

Made in Britain, the StopTite range has been developed by S2-lube, which has been formulating a wide range of industrial products with partner companies for over 40 years. The company’s products are popular with various industries, including renewables, water, electronics, construction, military, aircraft, farming, leisure, automotive and all types of production lines.

Product is supplied to stockists as retail display boxes of 6 to 20 items. Free samples are available and can be requested by emailing or calling 01584 874220.