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New features added to EAM software

02 February 2022

HELPING USERS reduce the time spent on managing and reporting maintenance tasks, Ultimo has incorporated additional features and functionality into its Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software suite.

Available now, the improved job planner significantly shortens the scheduling process, with fewer clicks required to carry out daily recurring actions such as confirming and closing jobs. The updated Ultimo GO+ mobile working solution brings the same ease of working to the field.

The job planner has also been enhanced in terms of readability. The system is now even simpler to navigate, allowing managers to easily see an overview of the status of all current jobs. This means less resources need to be allocated for administrative work, freeing up time for other activities.

For Ultimo GO+, the improved user experience includes simplified navigation, a more accessible search function, and an expanded QR code scanning functionality. Working offline has also been made easier: users can now save entire lists of records and view the full status of all offline activities and assets at a glance. Enhanced notifications help managers stay on top of activities, and the automatic synchronisation ensures all actions are processed once the system is online again, facilitating a smooth transition between online and offline working.

According to Ewout Noordermeer, chief marketing officer at Ultimo; “Asset managers can spend a lot of time on daily administration activity, such as job scheduling and reporting. We wanted to shave off as much time from this process as possible, on and off the field, and the most obvious way to do so was to make the user interface more intuitive. Consequently, these core actions can be completed within a shorter time frame.”

Ultimo introduced a detailed Product Road Map at the end of last year. The new job planner and the enhanced functionalities of Ultimo GO+ are the first of the planned updates. The company is constantly developing its software and expanding its capabilities, working closely with customers to ensure that their evolving needs continue to be met.

As a testament to the capabilities of Ultimo’s solution, the company was named as a ‘Leading Supplier to the EAM Market’ by analyst firm ARC Advisory Group in its recent study of the sector and recognised as a Representative Vendor by Gartner in its Market Guide for Enterprise Asset Management Software.