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Fast-responding dew-point transmitter

04 February 2020

The SF82 dew-point transmitter for compressed air dryers from Michell Instruments features ultra-fast response to moisture changes to increase the efficiency of energy use in dew-point dependent switching (DDS) dryer control systems.

With DDS, the twin columns of a heatless regenerative desiccant dryer switch from drying to regenerating based on the dew point of the air leaving the dryer. This precisely indicates when the desiccant is saturated and needs to switch from the drying to the regenerating cycle, and is more energy-efficient than timer-based switching. As well as desiccant dryers, the SF82 is suitable for a whole range of industrial dryers including refrigeration dryers, membrane dryers and absorption dryers. 

Conditions in compressor rooms can reach temperatures up to +50°C. Michell’s engineers have taken this into account and designed the new sensor to operate in these temperatures with no loss of accuracy at its lower measurement range of 60°C dew point. The new unit has dual analog and digital outputs which are compatible with almost any electronic monitoring and control systems. 

Applications for the new sensor include medical and surgical air, breathing air, plastic injection moulding as well as compressed air used for instrumentation.