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Smart selection tool for EICA technicians

20 November 2019

Grundfos has introduced a smart selection tool for Electrical Instrumentation Control Automation (EICA) technicians.

Integrating a pump into a BUS system in the shortest possible time and thus integrating it into a system concept is the task of system integrators who are involved in all sectors – in industry as well as in water utility or building technology.

With the help of the Grundfos tool, the system integrator can find all information necessary about the appropriate communication module for their specific project. For this, only the pump to be installed and the desired BUS protocol type need to be selected.

In addition to the appropriate communication module, the tool provides further information (interface description and resource files, wiring diagram, external libraries, commissioning). Grundfos says particularly appealing are the function blocks for Siemens S7, which are available free of charge, as a programming example, with which the engineering effort (time) drops significantly.

With the selection tool, Grundfos EICA technicians actively support the implementation of pump 4.0 solutions into the desired BUS system, making engineering faster and more efficient.

If you like to find out more, please visit: www.grundfos.co.uk.