Suction hose range

14 March 2019

norelem now offers a new range of suction hoses as part of its LOC-LINE range.

Flexible and modular, the hoses can be attached to a central extractor system or industrial vacuum cleaners. Once attached, they can be positioned next to machinery to extract swarf, smoke, lubricant mist, steam, gases and other media, which can be potentially damaging.

Designed for versatility, users can lengthen or shorten the hose length as required using modular extensions, and they can be free hanging up to 100cm without the need for support. Users can also bend and manipulate them, enabling precise positioning, while a range of nozzles and accessories can be combined for effective extraction. Hoses can form 360° loops with a radius of up to 150mm.

“In manufacturing plants and factory production facilities, it is common to see plant and machinery wear away due to the harsh environments they are exposed to. Dust, debris, steam, smoke, liquids and more can all slowly take their toll,” said Marcus Schneck, CEO of norelem.

“To prevent this and extend machinery life, it is important that any harmful media or by-products from the production process can be extracted at the point of creation. Our new range of suction hoses are designed to do just that.”

The robust hoses are constructed from high-quality Polyoxymethylene (POM) and are designed to withstand vibration so that they remain in position. Suitable for use in temperatures up to 80°C, they are resistant to acids below 65°C, alcohols, aromatic solvents, petrol, grease, hydrocarbons, oil, and saline solutions.

POM is also not electrically conductive, so the hoses can be used on Electro Discharge Machining (EDM). Antistatic versions are also available, and these types have a specific surface resistivity of 1.000 E3 Ω and an electrical resistivity of < 6.000 E2 Ω.