Tantaline filter housings

16 January 2019

Amazon Filters has developed a range of filter housings that have been modified to provide a surface that is composed of pure Tantalum metal. They provide a durable and affordable filter housing for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing.

Highly corrosive chemicals such as concentrated acids are often used in API manufacturing which places great demands on both filter media and filter housings. Where highly corrosive chemicals are being processed, specialised filter housings such as those manufactured with an internal coating or made from exotic nickel alloys may be considered. However, Amazon Filters says coatings are prone to mechanical damage and nickel alloys have limited resistance to corrosion by certain acids and some other chemicals.

Amazon Filters says that, traditionally, the preferred construction materials for filter housings used in API manufacturing have been Hastelloy Steel or Titanium, but it adds that these can be very costly with long lead times for delivery.

Amazon Filters says that the filter housing deposition process that it uses produces a surface that does not suffer from separation, peeling or flaking. The Tantaline alloy deposition is approximately 50µm deep and typically a depth of only 10µm is needed for protection, therefore a significant safety margin is built into the design.

The Tantalum used in the processing conforms with ASTM B364-96 and a certificate of conformity and raw material certificates are available on request.