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The UKMHA addresses talent shortage in the material handling industry

09 July 2024

THE MATERIAL handling industry plays a vital role in keeping goods and materials moving, whether that is storing, retrieving or transporting. The UK Material Handling Association (UKMHA) is taking important steps to address talent shortage in the material handling industry.

The UKMHA team has been working hard to tackle the issue of attracting talent into the material handling industry. The association has been acutely aware of the challenge across the industry to reduce the skills gap and to help provide skills for young people to join at the same time as attracting people with valuable skills into the industry. The reasons behind this are an ever-decreasing talent pool due to an ageing workforce and a limited college provision to provide the relevant skills for young people to join our industry.

This is why UKMHA is excited to have teamed up with SMB College Group to deliver its brand-new technical training courses and apprenticeship scheme that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the material handling industry.

UKMHA Technical Courses

The UKMHA is introducing eleven new technical training courses to help its members and the wider material handling industry ensure their workforce have the right skills to carry out their tasks. This is a staggering three-fold increase in the provision of the association’s material handling courses. 

These training courses recognise the importance for material handling equipment organisations to have a skilled workforce satisfying the need to continually upskill their staff through training. 

The UKMHA is the leading trade association dedicated to advancing excellence in the material handling sector. The completion of a UKMHA training course demonstrates that the person has been trained to the highest standard in the relevant skills for the material handling industry. 

The training courses are designed to help businesses future-proof their workforce and offer professional development which will position them as an attractive employer of choice. 

The new courses start in the autumn and include Lift Truck LPG Fuel Systems (Operating Safely), Working on High Voltage Lift Trucks, Lift Truck Electrical Charger Connection and Isolation, Lift Truck Hydraulics, and many more.

In addition to the new courses, the UKMHA will still be running training courses such as Thorough Examination New Engineer, Safety for Lift Truck Service Engineers, and Thorough Examination Revalidation. 

UKMHA Apprenticeship Scheme

The UKMHA is thrilled to announce that the first UKMHA apprenticeship scheme has been created in partnership with the SMB College Group. The aim is to help the UKMHA members and non-members develop their own future talent. Having the right people for the job is of paramount importance and that is why hiring an apprentice is a fantastic way for businesses to recruit, train and retain future talent. 

The association recognises that apprentices can deliver a vast array of benefits to businesses, such as saving on recruitment costs and time, and the skills developed will add value to the business. An additional benefit is the government funding scheme that covers apprentice training costs. 

The UKMHA apprenticeship scheme is specifically designed for the material handling industry with the focus on the best practice within this industry. This ensures apprentices are trained to the highest standards and gain the relevant skills to support their career in this industry.  All delivered by a scheme that is approved by the UKMHA, which is recognised as the voice of the UK material handling industry.

For more information, please visit: https://ukmha.org.uk/training-and-apprenticeships/