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Specialist penetrant fights corrosion

10 December 2021

STUCK AND seized parts are the bane of any engineer's life. But a specialist penetrant can ease the seizure, where brute force alone fails.

Rust and corrosion have to be the bane of any technician’s life. Facing the prospect of battling seized bolts brought on by oxidation on a daily basis must be one of those challenges that swiftly wears a tad thin. 

WD-40® Specialist Penetrant has a formula designed to penetrate to the core of rusted components and mechanisms, and loosens stuck or seized parts quickly.

Penetrant’s extremely low surface tension ensures it cuts through rust, seams and tightly bonded threads and effectively frees up seize parts. It is highly water resistant and displaces moisture that prevents smooth movement and can also be used as a preventative against the future build up of rust and corrosion.

Prime candidates, in terms of uses, has to be when servicing corroded water pumps, seized valves and seized bearings.  

Brute force and ignorance can solve many a problem but where corrosion is concerned, that tried and tested method will inevitably create far more problems. Taking that approach when unseizing holding bolts, for instance, can inevitably mean the head being twisted off leaving just the stub of the bolt behind and that can only be rectified with a specialised drill and drill bit and, more often than not, a tap and die set. 

Liberally coating the seized bolt or nut head with Penetrant and then leaving it for a couple of minutes before carefully trying to work it can be extremely effective. Areas coated by severe debris must be cleared, of course, using a wire brush or, in extreme cases, a hammer and chisel, but liberal amounts of Penetrant and a little TLC will, more often than not, be the solution to an unavoidable problem.
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