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Protective enclosures for large-format cameras

03 December 2021

THE MEGALODON series from autoVimation features the same outer dimensions as its Orca protective camera enclosures but with a larger inner diameter, providing IP66/67 protection for all camera types that are too large for the existing enclosures.

German manufacturer autoVimation has introduced Megalodon protective enclosures for Flir A400/700, Dalsa Linea, Jai Fusion and other large-format cameras. The Megalodon series features the same outer dimensions as the company's Orca protective camera enclosures but with a larger inner diameter. It provides IP66/67 protection for camera types that are slightly too large for the existing enclosures. Because of interior dimensions that are 2mm wider, Megalodon enclosures are suitable for Flir A400 and Dalsa Linea and other, similarly sized large-format cameras, such as Jai Spark, Runner Basler and more.

autoVimation supplies a mount for cameras from the new Flir A400/700 series, as well as a special dual germanium and BK7 front window, which enables simultaneous operation of infrared and visible-light cameras. For 'reverse' installations, Megalodon enclosures are designed to fit all available Orca front lids such as the dome window. The existing 30mm or 60mm Orca extensions allow users to increase the standard housing length of 227mm. Thanks to the flexible quick-lock/heat-guide camera mount, lenses can be positioned directly behind the enclosure window to avoid corner shading. In addition to the high protection rating, Megalodon housings made of anodised aluminium are characterised by chemical resistance, vibration-proof camera mounting, good heat dissipation and passive cooling of cameras by up to 23°C. Numerous optional accessories ensure optimal configuration for demanding application scenarios: various mounting kits, deflection mirrors, sun roofs, protective shutters, heating plates and cooling units.