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Arc welding with minimal spatter

07 February 2022

ARC WELDING OK GoldRox from Esab, is a new rutile MMA electrode for arc welding which, the company claims, offers easier arc striking and re-strikes.

Esab’s new OK GoldRox all-position rutile (titanium dioxide TiO2) electrode offers, the company claims, easier arc striking and re-strikes, has a stable arc that leaves almost no spatter and yields a flat bead profile with fine ripples and good appearance. The slag removes easily for faster clean-up. 

OK GoldRox works with AC or DC current and creates a softer arc that works well for light- to medium-penetration welding. It is suitable for overhead welding of fillet welds, as well as lap joints and sealing runs. The claimed arc stability, coupled with its puddle flow, helps in situations with poor fit-up. Typical applications for the product include sheet metal, general fabrication on mild and medium steels, auto and truck bodies, root pass pipe applications, farm and construction equipment, and repair and maintenance.

General purpose rutile electrodes are the mostly widely used MMA electrodes in the world, and Esab's OK GoldRox is available in 2.0, 2.5, 3.2 and 4.0mm diameters and comes in convenient 1 kg packages for smaller jobs and less waste, as well as 2.5 kg packages – one-half the size of standard packages available in the market.