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New grinders: New high standard

22 January 2019

Chicago Pneumatic invites you to check out the CP3330 / CP3340 series that sets a new high standard of operator safety and productivity and is said to be proven to remove material twice as fast as many competitive tools on the market.

This new series is ideal for many applications such as casting plants, shipbuilding and the oil and gas sector. Equipped with powerful governed motors, 3.7 hp for CP3330 and 4.5 hp for CP3340, they can achieve superior material removal rates that reduces completion times, making them a fast return on investment.

The CP3330 and CP3340 industrial vertical grinders are available with 7” and 9” abrasive grinding and cutting wheels and 6” cup wheels; offering users the most suitable choice of grinder for the specific application. The models cover tasks like: to contouring, deburring, cutting, finishing and weld cleaning on a variety of materials such as cast iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, composite, magnesium and titanium.

To maximise operator safety, they feature a unique over-speed shutoff device to reduce the risks of abrasive-related incidents caused by air pressure fluctuations (above 90 PSI / 6.3 bar) In the unlikely event of overpressure, the device is actioned and shuts the tool down preventing the abrasive from over-speeding and causing potential accidents. Other safety features include a high resistance protective guard (1”/ 2.6mm thick) and a streamlined safety lever which is easy to use while wearing heavy gloves.

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