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Industry Chief backs Airbus comments on ‘no deal’ catastrophe

29 January 2019

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation has backed the comments made by Airbus CEO, Tom Enders warning that the scenario would be catastrophic for manufacturers and ruinous for just in time supply chains that have been built up over 40 years.

It warned that the future of the jewels in the crown of the UK’s automotive and aerospace sectors are now at serious risk as the likelihood of a no deal exit from the EU increases. 

Commenting, Stephen Phipson, EEF CEO, said: “The comments by Airbus sum up what the reality of ‘no deal’ would look like for manufacturers of all sizes and in all sectors right across the UK. After two years of negotiations, Westminster has failed to deliver a workable plan for Brexit while business continues to suffer impossible uncertainty.

“Airbus is not alone. We have heard from manufacturers across sectors who are being pressured to make potentially very harmful decisions. The threat of friction at the border means the end of ‘just in time’ manufacturing – the backbone of Britain’s world-leading industry. EEF has said repeatedly: no deal would be disastrous for UK manufacturing and its 2.7 million jobs, causing irreparable damage to manufacturing and the UK’s economy. The Government and Parliament must act collectively, swiftly and decisively in the best interest of the people and the economy. Too many people who know nothing about the realities of modern manufacturing dismiss this as fantasy when in fact it is a real and very hard reality. Parliament must grasp the fact that the solution is not to be found in positive thinking and a smile. They must now grasp the mettle - the time for theatre is over".