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Maintec 2019 conference programme takes shape

03 July 2019

Four months out from the 2019 Maintec Exhibition and Conference, the conference programme is rapidly taking shape, with around 80% of the speaking slots now committed. Andy Pye updates us.

Last year's conference was extremely successful, with many sessions being full, with standing room only. The sessions were used as part of the CPD programme for the Society of Operational Engineers (SOE) and this collaboration is to be repeated this year.

Like last year, each day commences with a keynote presentation. This year's keynotes both recognise the increasing significance of digitalisation to the maintenance function: Accelerating the Digitalisation Journey with Operational Certainty, delivered by Gary Ingram, Sales Manager UK&I at Emerson Automation Solutions (Day One); and Merging IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) to maximise the potential of digitalisation, delivered by Martin Walder, Chairman of the Engineering and Machinery Alliance (EAMA) and well known to many as Vice President Industry, Schneider UK - (Day Two)

A highlight of the Maintenance Insight programme is on the afternoon of Day One: Improving Reliability at Oil Storage and Offloading Facilities, delivered by Bassey O Bassey from Cranfield University.

Elsewhere in the programme, to make it even more successful this year, we have made changes, building on what has been learned from our first year of running the event. Whereas last year, we dedicated one theatre to our Maintenance Insights presentations and one theatre to Reliability Dialogue panel discussions, this year, both theatres are carrying a selection of case studies and exhibitor presentations. The case studies cover a wide range of sectors and are in all cases co-presented by a supplier and a user together. This follows a format which we trialled in 2018 with Vodafone and Mitie, who co-presented on "How IoT is delivering operational efficiencies and reducing costs."

The case studies this year cover the pharmaceutical industry, the malt whisky industry, engine repair, renewable energy, plumbing and drainage, insulation materials, and perhaps most intriguingly of all, monitoring ultra-slow and slow speed assets. Among those still being finalised include a bottling plant taking its first tentative steps into the digital age, and an insight into the maintenance operations of one of the major automotive companies in the UK, much in the news at present for other reasons.

Exclusive press event

While Theatre One is host to three case studies for the visitors to attend, the technical press will be in Theatre Two, listening behind closed doors to press announcements from the show exhibitors. By arranging a press-only session involving several exhibitors, it is intended to swell the number of technical press attending Maintec on the first day.

In 2018, on the first evening of the show and in a local hotel, we ran a Round Table Discussion , an account of which is published here on page 26. The topic was "The effect on OEE of predictive maintenance, including the advent of Industry 4.0 devices." This year, for logistical reasons, we are running a second event, but during the lunch period of the show and in Theatre One. This makes it easier for participants and visitors to take part - it is by prior arrangement and held behind closed doors. While last year we made an audio recording, this year it will be a videocast and available on our web site. The subject this year is "The impact of the global economy on the maintenance function".

Because the Round Table Discussion is held behind closed doors, we can run parallel sessions in Theatre Two, aimed at the show visitors.

On Day Two, during lunchtime, the Reliability Dialogue sessions which formed the cornerstone of Theatre Two last year, makes a repeat appearance. This year there are only two, but they are longer to give panellists a bit more time to present before the floor is opened to questions from the audience.  Our two subjects this year are: "Asset Maintenance Strategies" (a proven winner in 2018); and "Practicalities of Moving from Traditional Maintenance Strategies to Predictive Maintenance."

Finally, many exhibitors asked us to consider making presentation slots available for presentations by them, covering aspects of their technology, which they believe will be help to solved problems which visitors are facing, and help steer them to their stands for further discussions. We have listened and we already have several presentations lined up, including the following:

  • Maintenance Strategy Optimisation: Geoff Walker, Faraday Predictive
  • Embedding a Reliability Roadmap with a Focus on Driving Value-Added Maintenance: Lee McFarlane Technical Director – Asset Management, AVT Reliability
  • How to Cost Justify Your Lubrication Programme: Austin O'Kelley, Noria - 
  • Artificial Intelligence versus Analysis Intelligence: Louis Tuttle - Product Sales Director, PEMAC

Find out more at: www.maintec.co.uk