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Adding Value - Increasing safety and protecting valuable resources

29 October 2018

Speciality lubricants help protect valuable machinery and also reduce energy and water usage.

Munich, 16 September 2013 – Klüber Lubrication offers a wide range of speciality lubricants and services across multiple sectors. In addition, the KlüberEfficiencySupport service can help protect valuable resources such as energy and water, thus helping to reduce operating costs.

"Klüber Lubrication is more than just a manufacturer of speciality lubricants", explains Jesus Diaz, Market Manager Food Industry at Klüber Lubrication. "We as the specialist offer our customers a comprehensive lubrication package. Lubricant users benefit from our experience and tribological know-how and do not have to worry about finding the optimum solution for their particular application themselves."

The support and consulting services combined under the keyword KlüberEfficiencySupport are precisely tailored to the requirements and challenges faced by a customer - far exceeding the actual lubrication issue. In close cooperation with lubricant users, the tribology experts at Klüber Lubrication work on the systematic optimisation of lubrication processes in the plant. This includes services such as the creation of lubrication application, cleaning and re-lubrication schedules, general inspections, as well as lubricant and component analysis. All this is aimed at the optimal utilisation of the machines and increasing staff know-how on basic tribology and the properties of oils and greases to support the lubrication of machine elements, the optimisation of lubrication processes, inspections and maintenance, correct lubricant application and the prevention of typical errors such as excessive lubrication or lubricant starvation.