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Making 5G pay in manufacturing 

29 January 2020

With the UK Government investing as much as £40 million in 5G testbed and trial projects across UK industry as part plans to improve mobile connectivity, PWC explains what it means for manufacturing. 

This next big wave of change in terms of connectivity promises to be a vital enabler of the Digital Factory (an integrated approach to manufacturing, centered around digitisation/technology) through its combination of near-zero latency, vastly higher bandwidth and speed, greater reliability and lower power consumption than previous generations of connectivity technology.

But for 5G to play a part in transforming the manufacturing value chain in the UK, service providers must be able to clearly articulate the benefit to manufacturers – from management through to the shop floor. And this includes what problems it can solve in the here and now. 

Without this, the current wave of disruption and cost efficiency in the Digital Factory will continue to be managed with existing connectivity solutions, and the opportunities for more radical transformation may be missed.

Rolf Meakin, PwC Global Telecommunications Consulting Leader, says: "5G adoption in manufacturing will start to take off when manufacturers see the business case. Service providers will need to explain that business case and show proof of concept as part of their digital factory propositions." 

For more information on 5G, manufacturing and smart factories, please see PWC's latest report via the link below:  https://www.pwc.co.uk/5G