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Bearing Lubrication Reimagined: Remote and Real Time Friction Monitoring and Lubrication

25 March 2022

What if we could lubricate our bearings remotely, from any device, making sure that the right amount and right lubricant are always used – and even better, based on bearing condition?

Addressing lubrication issues – the root of most bearing failures

80% of premature bearings failures can be traced back to lubrication related issues. These issues can be put into three general categories: inadequate lubrication, wrong lubricant, and contamination.

We can address inadequate lubrication by using ultrasound to measure the friction in real-time to determine exactly when lubrication (and how much) is required to bring the friction back to or near the ideal level.

Or we can can also use automatic lubricators: these devices ensure we always use the correct grease stored in the device but also reduce or eliminate the possibility of contamination

SmartLube – single point lubricator, remotely operated, based on friction

What if we were able to combine the precision of condition-based lubrication using ultrasound with the convenience, safety, and accuracy of automatic lubricators?

We would have a solution that allows us to lubricate bearings only when required and ensuring we always use the correct, contaminant-free lubricant.

That’s exactly what the Ontrack & SmartLube from UE Systems does: using ultrasonic sensors, the OnTrak continuously measures the bearings’ friction levels. It is also connected to single point lubricators (SmartLube). Based on the friction levels and on setup alarms, the OnTrak will instruct the SmartLube to dispense lubricant, just the right amount. All can be done remotely, anywhere, anytime.