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The Latest Technology Trend in Condition Monitoring

02 October 2018

The ability to monitor the condition of assets 24/7, from any location, is becoming the new trend in maintenance practices. Ultrasound, being a key technology in condition monitoring, will play a key role in this trend.

Coupling remote monitoring with ultrasound could prove to be a paradigm-shifting development. Ultrasound works best when you have as much sound information to work with as possible – that makes it easier to identify patterns, establish baselines and pinpoint inconsistencies. Moreover, as much as today's maintenance technicians want to avoid reactive maintenance, there are certain assets that take priority over others. Anything that's closer to failure will earn more attention, meaning other assets could fly under the radar if they're assumed to be newer and in better shape.

The 4Cast and Remote Access Sensors

UE Systems' remote monitoring tool, 4Cast, interfaces with a bearing asset to continuously collect data and send an alert to the technician's route-planning software if any alarm levels are surpassed.

It works together with ultrasonic Remote Access Sensors – these are permanently mounted on the bearings and will pick up the ultrasound emissions and send them to the 4Cast, which then sends that information to a data management software in the form of decibel readings. It collects these readings on a regular basis but allows the user to specify how often to send information to the software. It will also send a sound file to the Spectralyzer (software for deep sound analysis) when necessary.

With an available Ethernet connection, the 4Cast sends all its readings and recordings using the plant’s network, which bring obvious advantages: maintenance personnel will be able to access these readings & sound files even outside of the plant’s network –for a true 24/7 remote monitoring.