Crane support for trams

01 August 2013

The Gogar depot, serving the new Edinburgh tram network, is using a double girder 6.3t travelling crane from Street Crane Company to maintain a fleet of 27 trams and support the Unimog track maintenance vehicle.


At 42.9m long the seven-section articulated Edinburgh trams weigh in at 56t per vehicle. The overhead crane is essential for access and maintenance of the roof pantographs and to service pods on the roof containing air-conditioning and other key electrical equipment.

The 19m crane, with a 5.5m height of lift, spans three tracks within the depot and runs almost the full length of the building.


The crane has been installed within a limited height envelope.  A top running carriage is therefore installed, permitting the maximum height of hook lift and for greater safety in transporting of loads. The Street Crane ZX84 wire rope hoist includes overload protection, positive braking on the primary gear box shaft, a fully enclosed permanently lubricated gear box and a rope guide to clamp the rope in position. 


In addition to servicing the trams, the crane will be used to load and unload the track engineering vehicle, a specially designed Unimog truck that can straddle the track for maintenance and repairs.


Dual speed operation is provided on all crane motions with 40/10m/min long travel, 20/5m/min in cross travel and 5/1.25m/min for lift.  All crane movements are controlled from a radio remote device so that the operator can always work from the location that gives best visibility and greatest safety.  A conventional pendant control is provided as a back-up.