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Wiper systems: Fiixed or portable?

24 October 2013

Wipers come in a variety of packs, rolls and boxes and these can either be moved around the workplace or housed in a fixed dispenser. But which works best in which environment? Amelia Baker of Tork manufacturer SCA considers the case for both fixed and portable wiper systems

When you walk into some industrial environments, you will notice a series of wiper dispensers affixed to the wall in each work bay. In others you might see a centrally-placed floorstand containing a giant roll of paper for all to take, or a loose wiper roll on each workbench.

Wipers come in a vast range of formats and it can be difficult to decide whether to go for a fixed solution or a portable one. There are many factors to weigh up, but in the end the decision on whether to choose a fixed or a mobile solution depends on the industry concerned, the size of the premises and the task for which the wiper is required.

Is the workplace a vast space that necessitates long walks to and from each wiper source? If so, a mobile solution may be the answer – otherwise productivity could suffer while operatives spend valuable time accessing their wipers. Is it a vulnerable environment where wiper rolls or boxes of wipers tend to go missing? Then a fixed solution may be best.

It is also important to look at how operatives work. If their daily routine involves each member of staff standing at a workbench or in the same bay carrying out specialists tasks, a compact wall-mounted wiper dispenser close at hand would be a good idea, particularly if this is used to house wipers purpose-designed for each operator’s job (polishing, precleaning, degreasing etc). 

Where operatives are constantly moving from place to place or working remotely – such as in the automotive industry, for example – a mobile supply of wipers would be best so that the technician always has access to a supply of wipers, wherever he or she may be.

And in premises where staff are constantly moving around and require constant access to large amounts of general-purpose wipers, a giant roll on a fixed floorstand would work well since this will be immediately visible and provide a long-lasting wiper source.

In fact, this type of solution can offer the best of both worlds. The Tork floorstand, for example, has been designed to house a giant wiper roll but since the launch of Tork Performance - SCA’s latest workplace dispenser range – the floorstand now has sturdy wheels so the 'fixed' floorstand can become a mobile solution. The W1 Tork Performance floorstand also comes with an optional bin liner holder so that staff no longer need to search around for a bin after using their wiper.

In premises where operatives are working in bays, the W4 Tork Performance dispenser is a suitable choice since this can house a wide range of cleaning cloths for general industrial use or specialist applications. If staff require a cloth that is particularly durabie, low-linting or good with solvents they might choose Tork Industrial Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth; Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth or Tork Preparation Cleaning Cloth respectively.

In industrial environments where over-consumption is a problem, the Tork Reflex Single Sheet Centrefeed system works well. This system helps to cut consumption since the dispenser gives out only one sheet of paper at a time. It is available in both a full-size and mini wall-mounted dispenser, and in a portable format to suit all fixed and mobile needs.

So, both fixed and mobile wiping systems have their place in industrial environments. But the crucial point is that wipers should be protected before use whether in a dispenser, in plastic or in a box. 

Vast amounts of product can be wasted if wipers are exposed to dirt, grime or moisture before use – something that can easily happen when a loose roll or a bundle of unprotected wipers are left lying on the workbench. A dispenser that gives out wipers one at a time will also naturally reduce consumption.

So whatever the wiper question, a wiping system – fixed or portable – will be the answer since this will help to reduce consumption, waste and costs.