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Idhammer launches latest Pocket MMS

05 December 2013

After extensive development, Idhammar Systems are proud to announce the latest version of the mobile Maintenance Management System: ‘Pocket MMS’. The system will be compatible with iPad and android tablets.

The Mobile MMS update will improve an engineer’s ability to be as productive as possible by streamlining the necessary burden of work administration and providing greater access to plant information. The device works when connected to a 3G signal or a WiFi network, however users can also update work orders, record completed jobs, allocate time and create new work orders without being connected directly to the host system. The device then automatically updates work to the system once a connection with the network is established.

The ‘Pocket MMS’ is a tool that will assist with eliminating paperwork and improving business management through visibility of real time information. By acquiring the ability to operate remotely and in a timely manner; users are able to communicate data accurately, cut down on travel, therefore improving response times and save money on administration costs in the process.

Users can deploy the MMS either inside or outside of their corporate network. When integrated inside, it will be the responsibility of the user IT department to ensure that communication happens through the corporate systems, but when outside of the corporate network it will directly interact with the Idhammar cloud server which manages the necessary security protocols.

For more information about the Pocket MMS or to enquire about using it for your own business contact Idhammar today.

Phone: 0117 920 9400
Email: info@idhammarsystems.com