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Reduce your carbon footprint with Overall Equipment Effectiveness

10 July 2013

Idhammar has announced a significant addition to the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) system: the Energy Monitoring Module.

The company says: "By collecting energy data, using a few discrete energy CT meters, it’s never been easier to bring down not only your cost of energy, but also improve your carbon footprint. Gone are the days where energy was thought of as a fixed cost of production; a greater general awareness of environmental issues, together with rising energy costs and increased Government targets has caused manufacturing energy consumption to rise to a board-room level concern.”

Idhammar OEE is able to analyse areas of wasted energy within your line to understand and improve energy consumption. Common areas where the most waste occurs is in breakdowns, start-ups, slow running equipment, rejects and under-utilised capacity. Using Idhammar’s Energy Monitor in conjunction with the OEE system, allows automatic measurements, monitoring and clear reporting tools to enable forward-thinking manufacturers to identify areas of waste and evaluate production and efficiency.

The benefit of using such a system improves the transparency of your energy usage, increasing visibility of energy by area, production line and asset. The cost per unit becomes easier to calculate and more accurate for price comparisons and energy consumption forecasts. With greater energy awareness, it becomes easier to identify rogue assets and asset improvements.