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Benefit from short term solutions

07 July 2014

Renting plant and equipment affords companies the chance to glean a plethora of useful information, according to David Kearsley, hire manager UK & Ireland for Aerzen Rental

We all like to own things, whether it is our own property, car, pet or an art collection. For some of us it is why we go to work over and above paying for life’s day-to-day costs.

Property in the UK is the prime example. For many there is the very real urge to buy our own home to get onto or move up the property ladder. This is one of our biggest commitments yet many make the decision very quickly.

What happens if we get it wrong. This can lead to unhappiness, difficulties in moving and one of the biggest impacts on our lives.

I believe the sensible way would be to rent a property for about 6 months. This would empower the buyer with so much information. Do we like the area? Is the school working for the children? Can I really deal with the commute? Then, when you do purchase, you have so many more boxes ticked.

For the last 5 years I have been renting industrial equipment in the UK and one thing stands out above anything else. Many customer’s thought processes at the end of the renting period is different to the ‘expected’ outcome at the beginning of the rental period. This does not mean ‘we got it wrong’. It means renting was the right solution. We have more knowledge on what we are doing and we all learn from the process

An example of this is a customer who had sized the equipment to have a 22kW electric motor. After the hire period and successful trials, this was reduced to 11kW. In anyone’s language this has to be considered a success. 

Halving the motor size reduced the capital cost, future running costs, carbon footprint and future spares costs. The list goes on. In addition the customer could place an order for new capital equipment in full knowledge he had selected the right equipment and that his process will work.

Of course renting plant equipment is not just about trials. It is there for breakdowns, additional capacity and temporary capability. In many instances it is about speed. Very often the customer’s requirement is for a solution to be on site the same day day. This means having the correct solution available, along with transport and off loading capability. If any one of these factors is not in place then the job simply does not happen.

Aerzen Rental offers 100% oil free air compressors and blowers with pressure ranges from 1 to 10 barg. Frequency converter control and lifting frames are standard across the range, and pipework, dryers and coolers are also available. Complete class 1:2:1 ISO8573.1:2001 quality compressed air packages available for immediate dispatch.


It’s nice to own things but as with a mourning suit I hire recently, sometimes you just want to hire, use it and give it back.